Pennines Business and Tourism Forum

The Pennines Business and Tourism Forum was established by Rochdale Council in 2010 with the aim of promoting and supporting local businesses with a particular focus upon tourism.
In 2012 MoorEnd Development Trust Ltd was invited to become the host for the Forum and has successfully delivered a variety of initiatives including supporting the annual national Small Business Saturday project; the visit of the Tour de France in 2013 and initiating the Littleborough Food and Drink Festival, now a successful independent annual event.

Pennines Tourism Business Forum
The Forum is a voluntary project of local business representatives that operates under the umbrella of MoorEnd Development Trust. The Group consists of authorised individuals representing the views of their business, which should be located within the boundaries of Pennines Township. The views of the Group are to be used to influence business, economic and related funding opportunities within the Pennines villages. MoorEnd Trust provides a structure and legal organisation to enable public funds to be accessed and controlled on behalf of the Group.

Current Position
During the Covid Pandemic the Forum ceased to function. MoorEnd Trust have undertaken to review how the Forum might be revived and revitalised.